Abous Us!


My name is Becca! I am a 22 year old girl friend, sister, daughter, friend, cat mom, feminist and werido. I wanted to find a way to share my passion, knowledge and weirdness with the world, so I co-created this blog.

I am currently enrolled in classes for interior design. It is such a wonderful feeling to sit in a space that embodies “you.” Your favorite colours and style, your perfect “at home hide away.” I hope to one day make Interior design my career, so I can bring that feeling to everyone.

I also have a never ending obsession and fascination with style and beauty. I love that I can express how I feel on the inside, by changing the way I look on the outside!

I have been dreaming about starting a blog for a really long time. I am a huge fan of the internet, and I am excited to make my mark on the online world through this web site!

I hope that this blog will be a lovely community where people can come to relax, tune out from normal life, learn a little and be entertained and inspired.


Hey! My name is Kris. Currently I live with my boyfriend and our baby girl.

While I wait for my little one to become a bit more independent I’m taking a hiatus from college – where I am halfway through getting my Special Events Planning Diploma! This doesn’t mean I’m stepping away from events though. I love creating experiences that cement amazing memories. My dream job is to use my privilege and power for good, not evil, and run charities for youth organizations.

I am a beverage addict and LOVE tea (I’m a SteepedTea consultant), coffee (former barista), and alcohol too (but I haven’t been a bartender – yet). I also love juxtaposition, skulls, and flowers.

I’ve started a bunch of blogs over the years with fleeting interests, but have never been able to stick them out. I found an amazing friend in Becca whose interests, hobbies, opinions, ambitions and lifestyle are complementary to mine – and I cannot WAIT to have this blog with her! I can feel it in my bones, this is the one.


We started a lifestyle blog with hope to leave a little inspiration for everyone. From beauty with Becca to motherhood with Kris, we hope you find a little something that sticks with you.

xo Becca & Kris

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