Recipe for a “Perfect” Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving has ALWAYS been my favourite holiday. I love the gathering of people, the weather and season, and the meaning of the holiday. It’s not religious, so all family and friends can be included, and it signifies something that should be embraced by all of humanity – gratitude! All around win in my book!

Right, right, so we all know nothing is perfect, but here’s my recipe to get as close as I can.


  1. Door Décor
    1. Whether it’s a wreath, a cornucopia, or something of your own design it sets the welcoming tone for your festivities!
  2. Hot Beverages
    1. Hot apple cider, hot chocolate, coffee and teas (like this AMAZING pumpkin tea!) go great with dessert, and are great at warming up chilly hands this time of year. For me, any fall occasion isn’t complete until there’s a mug in my hand.
  3. Outdoor Oasis
    1. Until I was 20 I lived in homes that backed onto forests and rivers, so just standing in my backyard was enough to enjoy the autumn weather & colours. However, having yard furniture with lots of throw blankets out to keep warm under while you catch up with loved ones in the crisp fall air.
  4. Themed Table Settings
    1. I am a huge fan of place settings, but thanksgiving has always been more relaxed in my family. No matter who sits where at your table a few simple autumn touches like baby gourds and pumpkins in amongst your everyday dishes lend a special festive touch.
  5. Special Dish
    1. Mom’s awesome apple crumble? Grandma’s (Oma’s) best bacon and beans? Sister’s famous wild rice stuffing? Whatever that special dish is that makes Thanksgiving Thanksgiving make sure it’s on the table! I love Thanksgiving potlucks, so not any one person is stuck in the kitchen by themselves.
  6. Loved Ones
    1. Friends, Family, or a wonderful mixture, what truly makes any occasion great is sharing it with people you actually enjoy! Make sure you hunt down the cousin you don’t get a chance to chat with often and ask them how their studies are going, it’s a great time to reconnect before the chaos of the winter holiday season.
  7. A Moment of Thanks
    1. Sometimes in all the chaos of creating a perfect event, we forget to take time for the meaning of the event in the first place. Try to go around the table and get everyone to list just ONE thing they are thankful for this year. Hearing what people are grateful for, and taking time to reflect on your own personal gratitude is good for the soul. Another fun idea is to get everyone to write down what they’re grateful for on paper, and then choose from the jar during dessert and try to guess whose is whose!

Instructions: Place your wreath, put the kettle on, drape your throws outside, set your gourds on the table, stick that pie in the oven, gather up your friends and family and take a moment to be thankful for all you have. ♥

  • xo, Kris

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