Chronic Moving-itis


Hey everyone, sorry for the silence on my part! & a huge thanks to Becca for picking up the slack (in more ways than one! Killer babysitter / kitchen cleaner combo I have for a best friend) but I have a good reason I swear!

As of this August I have been “away from home” for 5 years. Since then, I have moved 8 times. I have lived with friends, family, peers, strangers, and even moved a piano and painted the smallest bathroom in the world while 7 months pregnant. It’s just kind of what I do … or DID because as of Oct. 14th … I moved again!

1Unfortunately there were a whole lot of bad things that happened to us right before the move. We tried to help people in need, and it backfired on us in a big way. Everyone is safe and fine now, but we ended up having to pack the day of our move until 5 am (17 hours after we were supposed to be out!) and it’s been a tad chaotic over here.

23So – here are some quick before & after photos of a house that I lived in for barely a year, and attempted to make my style in that time. Because … moving with a 10 month old / sleep training her at the same time has fried my brain, and I like before and after pics.



I have some “after” shots of my office, and some more detailed pics of the nursery coming soon.

  • xo, Kris

p.s. You know there’s a baby in the house when all shelving is empty on the bottom layers. 😉 Why yes, we do have our xbox on top of our t.v. unit, thanks for noticing!

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