Halloween Costumes 2016

I have fond memories of Halloween through the years. Running up and down the street, hoping to get a full sized chocolate bar or a can of pop in my pillowcase of candy. Then coming home into the warm house (most likely damp from snow or rain, thanks Canadian weather!) and dumping my candy on to an overflowing kitchen table to show my siblings what I got.

Halloween is the second best holiday (very closely behind Christmas) and to be honest it’s only gotten better as I’ve gotten older. I can still dress up and have all the candy I want (By just buying it myself. A perk of adulthood.) but with out the slushy, wet, chilly October nights. I still get the treats and I still get the costume but now I get to stay inside in the warmth and attend parties with alcohol. Snacks, dressing up and partying – how much better can a holiday get?

My mum always helped us come up with awesome costumes and I have a feeling that’s why I have so much fun doing costumes now, at 22 years old. Dressing up for Halloween is one of the highlights of the year for me! I always take Halloween seriously and start thinking about my costume months in advance. I like to make my costume rather than buying it. Hunting down the perfect pieces and putting it all together is so much fun!

This year I’m going to a couple of parties, so I have two different costumes to show you guys!

The first one is a Mean Girls reference. If you remember The Plastics infamous Halloween costumes, you’ll remember Karen’s ridiculous “mouse” outfit. I thought it would be a fun and funny idea to try and pull off her look!

“I’m a mouse. Duh!”



All I needed was:

  • Mouse ears
  • A flowy lingerie top
  • Plain black bottoms – a skirt, Jeans or Leggings will do! (She isn’t wearing anything as bottoms in the movie, but I don’t feel like I need to go that far, just for my own comfort lol)
  • Not pictured – I may throw a little black cardigan on in case I get cold. Something plain to match the rest of the outfit!


My second outfit is part of a couples costume with my boyfriend, Ryan. I’m being Spinelli and he’s being T.J. from the (amazing) childhood cartoon Recess.




All I needed was:

  • A red dress
  • A leather jacket
  • Striped socks
  • A yellow/orange touque
  • Combat or biker boots


All in all, both costumes were pretty easy to put together! The biggest cost was the leather jacket for Spinelli, but I’ve already gotten tons of use out of it as an every day piece, so I’m not too bothered by the price tag. Other then that I owned or thrifted everything so it was very easy to achieve each look!



All right – Becca has done a good ramble on about Halloween, so I’ll skip mine. BUT know that even though I have NOWHERE to wear my costume this year – I still made one! Because – I have had these planned since last Halloween. While I was planning my fabulous pregnant costume (50’s housewife & milkman!) I kept seeing baby costumes…

A’s nickname for our baby when she was in the womb was “squidly” as in when people would ask us what we were having, he would reply “a squid” because we chose not to find out the sex. When I saw baby octopus costumes I knew I had to have a squidly costume for our baby. Which naturally led to a matching mermaid costume for Mammi – amiright?

So despite still being in the unpacking process and having no real need to do this – here are my horrrrrrible photos of my matching Mammi & Baby costumes. (Seriously. Please ignore photo quality. My *ish will be together soon I swear it!)


Costume elements:

  • Tights
  • Fishnets in contrasting colour
  • Tshirt & Elastic (Cut off sleeves, bunch them. Tuck bunched side down. Fins!)
  • Bathing Suit Top (or Tank)
  • Necklaces

Originally I was going to glue the necklaces all over the top, and have a few hanging down, but with some trial and error I found a way to step through the one necklace which I felt gave me a very mermaid-y vibe. Either hook this to your bathing suit top, OR hook it to some more beachy jewelery. Fishnets over leggings for some “scales”, makeshift fins and you’re good to go!


Ohhh little squidly.

Costume elements:

  • 6 socks
  • A ribbon
  • Matching under layers (a sleeper in this case)
  • A baby hat
  • A glue gun or possibly safety pins if you have them!

Stuff 4 / 6 of your socks and hot glue them shut. Then fold them down and hot glue again, creating a small tube at the top, so that they can be threaded with the ribbon. Alternately, use a safety pin to close socks and pin them to ribbon. Take the remaining two socks and put them over the outfit – YOU NOW HAVE TENTACLES. Adorn a cute hat with eyes if your child doesn’t repetitively rip it off and smirk at you.

  • xo, becca and kris.

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