Parent Gift Guide

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We’re thrilled to be kicking off the holiday season with our three part Holiday Gift Guide series!

Beginning with some very important people in your life… your parents or in-laws (or any parental figure.) Everyone has a very different relationship with these people, and  even though you know they would appreciate what ever you got them, you still want to get them something really great. So we wanted to give a few ideas to help find that perfect item!

We’re going to follow the phrase “want, need, wear, read” for all of our guides. Meaning we will share an example of one item that person would want, one item they need (and may not buy for themselves), one item they can wear and one item they can read. -B

WANT: A Throw Blanket
This is a gift that I’ve actually given members of my boyfriends family. An adult cousin, an aunt and an uncle “in-law” all received throw blankets last Christmas and I think it went over quite well! It’s fun to get to choose a colour or a pattern that’s personal to that person and a throw blanket is both decorative and practical. I didn’t provide any specific examples because I wanted to recommend Winners, Home Sense and Marshall’s in general for throw blankets. They always have great deals! There’s also the always classic Chapters/Indigo blanket which both Kris and I own and love. -B

NEED: High End Hygiene (Hair Brush & Electric Razor)
I find that baby boomers are fairly good at getting themselves what they need, but tend to be bad at updating those items. Because they already posses the item, they don’t realize they really do NEED a new one! Hair brushes get worn down over time, and if not cleaned regularly (and really, who does?) can have massive oil deposits and broken bristle that damage your hair. And a dull razor? Let’s not go there! A few years ago my aunt gifted me an older version of this brush. It was a gift I didn’t even know I needed but now can’t live without! This razor brand has been pretttty good to the men in my family who, uh, are on the lumberjack side. If you’re looking to add to this, it’s easy to add a nice dry shampoo or hair-coloured elastics or aftershave as well! -K

WEAR: Sleep Wear
I feel like a cozy, fluffy robe and a pair of slippers is the best gift ever. This idea is kind of fool proof considering that robes and slippers come in so many different fabrics and styles, they’re suitable for people of all ages and genders and come in such a wide range of prices to suit every budget! And to be honest, I think they’re so much fun to shop for! Here, here and here are some great options! -B

READ: Subscriptions
Everybody likes something … Your mother-in-law loves knitting? There’s a magazine for that. Your dad disappears to the cottage the second summer is in sight? There’s a magazine for that too. If somehow they don’t have ANY hobbies? Reader’s Digest. A classic for a reason, and a little something for everyone. This gift shows up throughout the year, and is always a great last minute gift too as you can print out the certificate and bring it to them with the most recent copy. -K

BONUS Stocking Stuffer: An interesting candy flavour. Think cayenne infused chocolate!

  • xo, Becca & Kris


Disclaimer: We are in no way compensated for these product recommendations. Any and all opinions and comments are entirely the authors’ own. 

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