‘Tis the Season to be Home Sick

We’re super excited to be publishing our first ever guest post! What better time of year then the holidays to invite a friend to come on over and write a fun, personal post for our blog?!

I’ve been friends with the author, Danielle since grade seven and when we both ended up moving to the same city after high school it made us even closer! She recently moved four hours away from home, so we thought it would be interesting to hear a bit about her holiday season this year, how she juggles work/school/life and how she deals with being so far from home.

Danielle has an amazing Youtube channel where she regularly posts kick ass videos! And if you want even more of her in your life, you can check her out on Instagram: DanielleFortier and Twitter: DanielleFortifer88.


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The holidays are always an extremely busy time of year, with Christmas shopping, picking up extra shifts at work for some extra cash to spend on loved ones and trying to keep up with friends and family at numerous get togethers when everyone is home. For me, all of this is true but I went back to school this year so I also have to pile on exams and assignments, I started a YouTube channel so I have to make sure that my content is filmed, edited, and posted on time for my loyal subscribers, oh, and did I mention I moved four hours away from home?

Keeping a work/family/social life balance is hard enough as it is. I find it particularly hard this year as it’s the furthest I’ve ever lived from home and I work part time while I’m also in school full time. My days consist of either work and homework or school and homework, I barely have a social life because I’m so busy.  

The holidays/Christmas are my favourite time of year because I get to see my family, my boyfriend’s family, my friends and everyone in between. I always do my best to make time for everyone and go to get togethers and parties, keep up with our holiday traditions, and catch up with everyone I haven’t seen in a while. This year is already so different for me. I haven’t seen most of my friends since April, I haven’t been home or seen my family since August and I don’t even know if I’ll be able to make it home for Christmas this year.

I’m lucky enough that I got a weekend approved off from work that I could make it down for my dad’s 50th surprise party at the end of November and it was such an amazing time, my family was all together for the first time in months, everyone was happy and we danced, drank, and sang. It truly was perfect. The build up to go home is always hyped up and it’s a great time when you get there, especially if you’re like me and go home about every three months.

Family is a huge deal to me, before I moved here I only lived about 45 minutes away from my parents’ house, my dad worked around the corner from where I worked and I was only 20 minutes from my brother’s house and I worked with my sister in law. I saw everyone all the time whether it was visiting someone’s house, going out to lunch or dinner for special occasions like birthdays or even just to get together to have some drinks and talk about how everything is going. Back then I could make it to almost all our family gatherings, depending on if I could get it off work or not, and it was awesome. These days I’m lucky to get the opportunity to go home, and since I only work weekends and Christmas falls on a weekend this year it looks like its going to be a tight day trip or an overnight drive if we are closed.

Being so far away from home is so heartbreaking but so amazing at the same time, it’s a new experience I never thought I would have had before. I’m the happiest that I’ve been in a long time and even better I have some of my best friends living in the big city with me. We all made a pact that If we couldn’t make it home or to our families on Christmas that we would have a get together of our own so nobody would feel lonely on a day where you’re supposed to be with your loved ones.

Family time, if its over the holidays, or even any other time of the year is something that I’ve always loved and learned to cherish, especially now since I am so far from the first place I called home. If I do get to spend Christmas with my family this year it will be one that I will be very thankful for but if I don’t, I know that they’ll always be anxiously awaiting me for the next time I visit or I’ll be excitedly squealing the whole 4 hours before they get to my apartment so we can sit down and simply enjoy each others company.

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