Couples Holiday Traditions

Ryan and I have spent four Christmases together so far, and as the years have gone on we’ve started to develop our own holiday traditions, separate from our childhood and family ones. I think it’s important to a relationship to have something special that you two do together to celebrate the season. We’re a young couple, so we don’t have an overwhelming amount of Christmas traditions yet, but the ones we’ve developed are very meaningful to me.

I want to share a few of our traditions with you guys and hopefully I can give you some inspiration!


Party time!

One of the most exciting traditions we’ve begun is to host a Christmas party with all of our friends. We’ve done it three years in a row and by now it’s something I’ll always make time for and really look forward to. Each year has differed a bit. The first year we did a traditional, sit down, pot luck style dinner, the second year we did a less formal horderves dinner in which Ryan and I cooked all of the food, and this year we’re hosting a more casual everyone bring any random dish of your choice type of deal. Though the food plans have always differed, one things is for sure, there will always be a big party with drinks, music and games after dinner!


Tree Ornaments

Our next tradition is one that I think a lot of people have. Each year we buy each other one Christmas tree ornament. It’ll be really special to look back in ten years when we see our tree and have 20 ornaments total from each other reflecting our relationship.



This one seems a bit silly and trivial, but we always put a day or two aside to embrace holiday consumerism and go shopping together. Both for Christmas decorations and for gifts for friends and family. We make a day of it by going to Starbucks and getting warm holiday drinks, taking our time strolling around the isles of glitter and Christmas cheer and playing Kelly Clarkson’s Christmas album in the car between stores. It’s such a fun day and it’s grown into a really fond holiday memory for us! Though it seems like a meaningless activity, it’s become a way for us to stop and take time to spend the day together during this busy and hectic season.


Advent Calendar

Every year we’ve gotten a chocolate advent calendar. This’s one traditions that is spilled over from childhood, but this year we decided to make it a bit more personal and cutesy-romantic. Ryan came up with the idea of getting one of those reusable advent calendars that you keep each year and fill with your own chocolate. We’re going to put a special treat in each compartment for each other and take turns opening the advent calendar doors. I thought it was such a sweet and fun idea (and slightly out of the usual for him to come up with something so cute and romantic…haha!)


So there are our main couples Christmas traditions! Laying it all out in detail has made me feel so festive and excited for the next few days! Hopefully reading about them has done the same for you.

  • xo, becca.


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