Winter One-derland


You can have the best laid plans in the world – but sometimes life gets in the way. Am-I-right?

We had scheduled a first birthday party, the morning of two other events. I also had an event the night before that we were going to be a little late for, because work schedules. That’s okay! I thought. My mom was going to come down early, and we would decorate and clean the entire house the day before, and prep the food. That way, the morning of my mom could finish off the food, Andrew would go to the store to pick up fresh doughnuts and hot chocolate, and I could take some cute photos for the blog…

Ha. Hahahaha. Hahahahahahahahahahaha.


I’m not going to explain the series of several events, but between multiple people bailing on me, and getting seriously sick the morning of (almost go to the hospital sick) … we moved it to the next day.

My sister and sister-in-law coming from Downtown and Missisauaga respectively had already left by the time we rescheduled, and since they were family we did low-key visits with them during the day. A good amount of people still showed the next day, which was nice. Although I don’t have ANY pictures (except a few cell-phone pics of the cake smash) my baby had fun, and we got to see some friends and enjoy ourselves. That’s all that really matters right?


I thought I should probably share these printables that I made, although I didn’t get any cute photos of them in use 😦


BIG SIGNS: These signs I had printed at Staples using the engineering prints.

  • Welcome To The Winter Wonderland: We used the welcome sign that said “please come in” so that we didn’t have to run back and forth to the door, especially with the cold weather! We have a “knock and enter” household as it is, but I did include a sign without it, if you’d prefer!
  • Baby It’s Cold Out There: The lettering is smaller in the middle because we weren’t sure how much space we wanted it to take up. We added paper snowflakes, foam snowflakes, and glittery foam snowmen around it and had this as a wall decoration.



  • It’s Chili In Here: I like puns. This was placed on the cupboard above the chili, because … winter, chili … Yup. This was a bigger sign.
  • Food Tags:
    • Hot Chocolate Bar: What great winter party isn’t equipped with a hot chocolate bar?! People probably know what candy canes and marshmallows are, but the extracts and powders aren’t always clear. Plus, this makes everything look cohesive. We got two carafs of hot chocolate from Tim Horton’s, as we were crunched for time. I would still do this in future, but maybe use gift wrap on the caraf to make it look a bit nicer.
    • There’s a few fun winter food ideas in here too. “Cold Cuts” and “Melted Snowman (ranch dressing, carrots, pretzel sticks). For “snowballs” we used powdered TimBits and got them fresh that morning, but there are a LOT of small white desserts you could use. cookies, big marshmallows, rice krispie balls, white truffles, etc. For beverages we had “Melted Iceberg”(water) and Hawaiian Blue Punch as our “Polar Punch” because of it’s great colour.
    • I’ve also left blanks for to be added for whatever you need! / I forgot 🙂



  • Make A Snowman!: This can be used a myriad of ways. Either taped to the fridge (or metal door) and then add magnets to the accessories, OR use the snowman as a template with white felt, and add felt to the backs of the accessories. Then they will “stick” and this can be done on the floor as well as the wall. Printed as an engineering print on 24×36.  I’ve left blank space if you’d like to draw your own items to add, and a banner at the bottom you can cut out and use as well.  For a smaller, table game, print out on 8×10 sheets and let children colour &/ cut and paste.
  • Time Capsule : I’ve included “He/She/They options depending on the needs of your birthday child[ren]. I suggest filling in the sign with a fun example, but it can be framed or placed on the wall. I had my slips printed on blue 8×10 paper and then asked to use the paper cutter to cut them out. I then put them in a snowflake tin. P.S. I, also, will not be reading these until my child turns 18!



EXTRAS: Thank You! We had hot chocolate powder and marshmallows in little baggies, with a snowflake design on them, for guest to take as they left, and we had a sign taped above them. However you could just as easily frame it!




Baby It’s Cold Out There

It’s Chili In Here

Food Tags

Make A Snowman

Thank You Snow Much

Time Capsule [He] | Time Capsule [She] | Time Capsule They

Time Capsule Slips

Welcome To The Winter One-derland | Welcome – Please Come In

I also made tassel banners, a banner with monthly photos printed out and strung up, and TONS of paper snowflakes (which are REALLY hard to do without an exact o-knife!)

Hope your next event goes as planned!

Lots of winter wishes! & Happy January!

  • xo, Kris

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