Galentine’s Day Party



Galentine’s Day – (noun)


February 13th. Observed in honor of your girlfriends. A day to spend time with your best girls and exchange tokens of love and affection.



Valentines day is the time of year for love, and though Kris and I have lots of love for our significant others, I think it’s important to remember that your girlfriends hold a part of your heart as well!

This year we decided to throw a Galentine’s Day brunch party, to show a few of the women in our lives how much we love and appreciate them! Together, with our awesome friend Corri, we DIY decorated and baked up a storm in anticipation of a fun, girly afternoon.


Though not all of our girlfriends could make it – some live (way too) far away – we ended up having such a fun time! It reminded me that when you make a point, and take a day to love your friends it really makes for great memories and warm, fuzzy feelings.


We made a few purse bingo boards as a game, so please go a head and use the free download to get a copy of those! They’d also be excellent for a bridal shower, or similar event!

Download Purse Bingo
Download Galentine’s Poster

  • xo, Becca (& Kris)

Family Fall Activity Guide and FREE PRINTABLE


The second part in our Autumn Guide series, focuses on what you can do with you family. As much as I’d love to go to a coffee shop & get my very special version of a PSL (Double, Tall, ½ Sweet, No Whip, PS topping IN milk, dense foam) and a pumpkin loaf (warmed, with butter in the bag so it melts as I spread it on) … a 9mo does not exactly have patience for me to ORDER that, let alone for me to sip my coffee hot and have a treat that she is not allowed to share. So how am I going to make the most of this autumn season? Here’s what I’ll be trying.

  1. Long Walks
    Take out the BIG stroller, pack it with snacks and every toy we own, along with blankets, and drive out to a tree lined path. The lakefront where I live now has been taken over by youth playing a *certain game* on their phones, but some of our parks are still beautiful! If your kids are a little older, have them collect falling leaves, acorns, and name the trees!
  2. Pumpkin Carving & Seed Roasting
    I can’t wait to watch the mess that is cleaning out the inside of a pumpkin happen. Messy fun for the little one! With a yummy snack for Mammi & Daddy after! Don’t forget to bleach the inside of your pumpkins to make them last longer!
  3. Leave Piles
    As much as I may hate the thought of sitting in a dirty pile of damp leaves, I’m going to relive the experience through the magical eyes of my child. I remember this being a high-light of my childhood, and look forward to re-experiencing it.
  4. Snuggle Up
    In Autumn the weather is finally cool enough that I can convince my human furnace of a man to get under a blanket. With our daughter in our lap, reading to her or watching some TV, snuggling up before bed and just enjoying time with each other sounds amazing.
  5. Drive
    We’re guaranteed a 2-hour scenic drive during Thanksgiving weekend. But if we didn’t, a purposeful drive where you can be warm and comfortable in your car, stopping at farm stands for fresh fall snacks (apples!) seeing the farm animals (horses with their blankets on!) and enjoying the foliage is a must.
  6. Farm Visits
    Whether it’s a pumpkin patch, apple picking, corn maze, or petting zoo (or all of the above if you’re as lucky as we are!) head out to a farm this autumn. Supporting local is always great, and this is such a fun time of year to visit. Grab a warm apple cider, take some silly pictures, and bring home some fruit to bake with!
  • xo, Kris

We’ve compiled a cute printable that combines both lists! Available in colour and black and white! ENJOY