Holiday Outfits – Christmas ’16


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wait – no – it doesn’t work if you can’t hear my voice. Frosty the snowman reference anyone?

Here’s a quick peak at what we’ll be wearing this Christmas!



Becca: My outfit description is going to be pretty lame because non of it is new, which means I can’t post any links to the specific pieces! I’m sorry! Just for the sake of it, I’ll link the store website.

Dress – American Eagle (bought about five years ago), Gold Sparkly Heels – Aldo  (bought about four years ago, and are my favorite shoes i own!), Blazer – Suzie Sheir  (bought about four years ago)


Kris: Red Dress – Bluenotes a different colour or similar dress, Nude Pumps Just Fab (no longer available), Red Leather Belt – Vintage



  • xo, Becca & Kris

P.S. If you’ve noticed the bottom half of my tree doesn’t have ornaments … just remember that I have a one year old. We also don’t place our star/angel on top until Christmas Eve. ❤

Style Icons – Mindy Kaling

By: Becca Bojarzin


You may know Mindy Kaling from The Office, where she was a writer and the actress who played Kelly Kapoor. You may know her from The Mindy Project, which she created, writes and stars in. You may know her from her two hilarious books Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me? (and Other Concerns) and Why Not Me? She is talented, hilarious and one of my role models.

On the more superficial side of things, Mindy Kaling is absolute fashion goals. When I think of Mindy’s style I think fitted dresses, fun prints and bold colours. Fashion seems to be a huge part of Mindy’s life and she definitely knows how to work it. She dresses with class and elegance and still manages to ooze girly-ness and feminine flare! Hot pink gowns and printed cocktail dresses are what we have come to love as she graces any stage or red carpet.

Personally, Mindy inspires me to incorporate colour and patterns into my wardrobe. I often steer myself toward darker colours and neutrals, but lately when I shop I think to myself as I peruse the racks, “what would Mindy wear?” I own many printed pieces that were very much inspired by Ms. Kaling’s style. I haven’t quite found myself wearing hot pink or bright yellow yet, but maybe I will get there some day!

18th Costume Designers Guild Awards - Cocktail Reception




I’d love to know which Mindy look is your favorite! Feel free to leave a comment below letting me know!

  • xo, becca.

Thanksgiving OOTD 2016


Thanksgiving is such a great holiday. The season is so wonderful, the traditional Thanksgiving meal is delicious and of course, you get to dress in your best fall fashion! I thought it would be fun to show off my autumn holiday attire with a Thanksgiving outfit of the day post! After all, the second best part of family celebrations is getting to pick a great outfit and dress up. (The first best part is obviously eating the holiday dinner – but fashion comes a close runner up!)


The outfit I chose feels so autumnal! A maroon dress, brown Oxford style shoes, cream knee high socks and my favorite floral scarf! The shades in the scarf and dress are some of my favorite colours ever. The dress is a light sweater material, so I know I’ll be comfortable in it all night and day, which is so important for long holiday gatherings. All in all i love the way my outfit turned out! Check out my pictures below for details!






Dress – Forever 21 – $17.90. I bought it brand new this week, so it is still in stock if you want to pick it up!)

Shoes – Call it Spring. I got them a few seasons ago so I can’t remember the price.

Socks – Clair’s – $5. Also an item i picked up this week, so you can still find them in stores.

Scarf – Stolen from my mum. It’s from a looong time ago, so i have no clue where it is from or how much it costs.


I’ve already gone over the reasons why Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday in this post, so I’ll keep it short and sweet this time. Thanksgiving is the only fall holiday we’ve got, so you have to make the most of showing off your autumn fashions! This is what I’ll be wearing this year to my sit-down large (20+? ppl) dinner. I do have another lunch, after a game of golf, but that outfit is substantially less cute, and usually covered in mud!

I try to wear something from my collection of vintage to every family event. Why? Because all my vintage used to belong to my family members, and it seems to make them happy to see it getting a second life. This year I chose a great skirt, in those autumn colours that were so prevalant in the 70’s. Paired with a simple deep shirt, brown boots, and hat, the skirt steals the show.


Hat – Clair’s – $12. Last fall but similar styles in store
Boots –  Just Fab – $35. Last summer
Shirt – H&M – $3 on sale. From the basics collection, similar here
Skirt – VINTAGE – handmade by either my mother, or one of my aunt’s in the 70’s



  • xo, Becca & Kris