Master Bedroom Plans

When I was 20 I moved in with my boyfriend to his parent’s house. We shared the tiniest bedroom known to man, stuck 3 dressers and a double bed in it, and there was only 1 square foot of floor space in the room. Our closet door didn’t open. The worst part of that room for me though, was the “Toronto Sports Team” coloured walls (with a big white stripe) and wood paneling behind our bed. I longed to give us a room befitting of a mature adult couple. I wanted to paint that wood paneling white! But most of all,  I wanted to make the room a serene, chic navy. (Picture below is the photo that started it all!)


I was never able to, but I always had that colour and feel in the back of my mind. When I moved in with A, and this time into a master bedroom (with, truthfully, a minimal size increase in bedroom) I wanted this dark shade so badly once again! But, as our room was also functioning as an office (two desks and large computers not laptops) he felt that it we needed to keep a bright invigorating space instead of a relaxing one. We compromised with a muted teal (that I ended up HATING with the furniture we had)


Ahhhh but now, now I have my master suite. A large room, with two closets, an en-suite powder room, and no computer in sight. I am ready for my co-ed colour to shine and transform the space into a relaxing, safe haven. The one space completely free of children’s toys and paraphernalia (except maybe a few Star Wars things but that’s a different matter) and I am so excited!


Bed – IKEA (no longer sold, similar here and here),  Light – Wayfair, Dresser Wayfair, Throw – Chapters, Clock – Chapters, Wood Plaque – Chapters, Display Box – Chapters, Vase – Wayfair, Bowl – Wayfair, Lamp – IKEA, Candles – IKEA, Side Table – Walmart,  R2D2 Pillow – Society6, Navy Blue Swatches – Liz Marie Blog

There’s a bit of inspo that I’m putting together. We won’t be painting till the warmer weather so we can open all the windows etc. because I have to stay here with a baby, but I’m slowly gathering decor items and trying to choose the perfect shade. Indigo is on trend right now, so I’m hoping to score some great pieces to go in the room. Any suggestions welcome!

  • xo, Kris

Don’t forget, you can always check out our pinterest – and my board dedicated to my new home here!

Chronic Moving-itis


Hey everyone, sorry for the silence on my part! & a huge thanks to Becca for picking up the slack (in more ways than one! Killer babysitter / kitchen cleaner combo I have for a best friend) but I have a good reason I swear!

As of this August I have been “away from home” for 5 years. Since then, I have moved 8 times. I have lived with friends, family, peers, strangers, and even moved a piano and painted the smallest bathroom in the world while 7 months pregnant. It’s just kind of what I do … or DID because as of Oct. 14th … I moved again!

1Unfortunately there were a whole lot of bad things that happened to us right before the move. We tried to help people in need, and it backfired on us in a big way. Everyone is safe and fine now, but we ended up having to pack the day of our move until 5 am (17 hours after we were supposed to be out!) and it’s been a tad chaotic over here.

23So – here are some quick before & after photos of a house that I lived in for barely a year, and attempted to make my style in that time. Because … moving with a 10 month old / sleep training her at the same time has fried my brain, and I like before and after pics.



I have some “after” shots of my office, and some more detailed pics of the nursery coming soon.

  • xo, Kris

p.s. You know there’s a baby in the house when all shelving is empty on the bottom layers. 😉 Why yes, we do have our xbox on top of our t.v. unit, thanks for noticing!

In Anticipation of Making a Home…

Moving Graphic.PNG


Ryan and I starting dating three years ago this November. Though our relationship has always been happy and full of love and support, we have been through some crazy stuff together… specifically related to our living situations. We’ve had awful roommates, we’ve moved house together four times in three years and we’ve endured some stressful environments. Though our relationship has always been solid, our living situation has always been up in the air.

I moved away for college at 18 years old. Since that day in 2012 I feel like I left home and never found a new one. Bouncing between houses and dealing with difficult roommates can be emotionally draining. (Though don’t get me wrong, I’ve had tons of roommates that I love and have cemented lifelong friendships with!) But when you don’t have any feeling of home, a warm place to call your own, it can make getting through life difficult.

So, with great excitement I can finally say… I have a home. Ryan and I are officially home owners and are getting ready to move into our own house next month! This means so much to me because of all we’ve been through. I am so excited to have our own space, it already feels like home to me and we haven’t even moved in yet! I can’t wait to decorate a house and make it feel like us. I can’t wait to have a living room that I can invite friends and family to. I can’t wait to host parties and entertain at holidays. But I also can’t wait to curl up on the couch alone and feel totally comfortable for the first time in four years. This house means so much to me for so many reasons. Reasons that have so much more meaning than just the material worth of being “a home owner.”

So let me tell you about the house. It’s a bit of a fixer upper… The floors and the basement need a little bit of work and the kitchen is going to be gutted, we’re starting from scratch in there. To some people this may sound like a night mare, but to me this is exciting! The house also has three bedrooms, which means that Ryan and I each get an office. This is another dream of mine, my Pinterest is flowing with ideas! As you may know, my career goals lay in interior décor and design, so Ryan and I getting to redo an entire kitchen and design our own office spaces is such an exciting prospect to me! It’s been all I’ve thought about and researched since we found out that we got the house!

I wanted to tell you guys these details about the house because I want you to be in the loop for some of my future blog articles. I’m going to do before, during and after posts about the redecorating process and kitchen reno. These may be the most exciting posts that I have ever had the idea for, I’m so looking forward to writing and posting them!

So, after those four years of “homelessness,” (but not literally, I’m very fortunate to always have had a roof over my head!) I’m so excited to settle into our own space and make ourselves a home.

Ps, thanks in advance to all of the friends and family who are going to help with renos and painting. You’re the best… I will pay in pizza.

  • xo, becca