Birthdays and Turning 23

happy birthday to me!


Almost every other day of the year I’m someone who really doesn’t like attention… but my birthday is the one time I’m cool with it, in fact i welcome it. I’m absolutely the girl wearing the plastic tiara to the club, I’m 100% the one with the sash at the party and yes, you’d better bet i’ll ask about the birthday freebie at the restaurant! My birthday is a time to celebrate and believe me, i do it all!

Personally, I love a themed party and this years theme was “Blackout.” Kris and i and my lovely friends Kristin and Danielle decorated my house with black balloons and black streamers and everyone dressed head to toe in all black. It ended up making for some really great pictures! (and i loved getting an excuse to wear a black lipstick!)

One of the reasons i like my birthday so much is because i always feel so loved! Its such a great feeling to have your favorite people come together, all at once, and spend that time with each other. And i want to make sure it’s known, so i don’t seem like a self centered narcissist, i also love other peoples birthdays – I’m always happy to plan or host a friends party! On the other hand, Ryan doesn’t care at all about his birthday. So when i want to make a big deal out of the day and treat him and buy him gifts, he really doesn’t want it. I always joke and say “you’re ruining your birthday for me!” because i really do like to celebrate other people just as much as i celebrate my own day!

This year i’ll take comfort in the fact that at 23, it’s still acceptable to not have your life together. lol As i slowly approach my mid 20’s i feel like the pressure gets higher and higher to be a full fledged adult, and i’m just not ready for that yet! I take solace in the age of 23. Sure, it’s not quite 22, but i can live with it…


Like i said above – give me all of the free birthday things! Not only am i girl on a budget, but it’s just fun to get to declare that it’s your birthday everywhere you go and get a little (eatable) gift! So i decided to compile a list of my favorite birthday freebie spots.

Enjoy and happy birthday!

  • Starbucks – Starbucks is my favorite place to go on my birthday. You get a free drink (any size!) OR a free food item. Considering Starbucks is so delicious (and expensive), i love the birthday freebie! Am i going to get an EXTRA large Passion Tea lemonade? – Yes! Do i need an extra large? – Of course not. But it’s free so i’m going to get it anyway! (Shut up, it’s my birthday, don’t judge me.)
  • The Keg – At The Keg on your birthday you get a free Billy Minor Pie. Which, if you’ve never had the pleasure of trying it, is a delicious caramely, ice cream, cake thingy. (You also get this on your anniversary, for the record.)
  • Panera Bread – Panera is actually my favorite on-the-go breakfast spot. It’s tasty and much healthier then an Egg McMuffin. On your birthday you get a free pastry, and since this is another place that’s a bit on the expensive side, it’s worth a stop! I would recommend choosing the cinnamon bun as your free treat. Its huge and delicious! (You do have to have a membership card to redeem the treat, but the card alone is so worth it, it’s a great rewards program!)
  • Booster Juice – If you’re a juice or smoothie lover you have to stop at Booster Juice! They give you a free smoothie, which would normally cost you around $8. Definitely worth it.
  • Medieval Times – This is one I’ve never gotten the chance to redeem, but apparently you get a free “feast and tournament” on your birthday! And that’s awesome considering Medieval Times tickets usually cost something like $70! My next birthday falls on a Saturday, so maybe i should take advantage of this one next year…
  • Casey’s – Casey’s isn’t my favorite restaurant, but i wanted to mention it because they’re one of the few places that still gives you a free entree. I’ve found most places these days do a free dessert or a free appetizer, but Casey’s is an OG and they give you a free meal and drink.

All in all, i think it’s obvious that my birthday is my favorite time of year. Partying, friends, food, free things (lol), the list goes on. Whats not to love?


  • xo, becca.

Galentine’s Day Party



Galentine’s Day – (noun)


February 13th. Observed in honor of your girlfriends. A day to spend time with your best girls and exchange tokens of love and affection.



Valentines day is the time of year for love, and though Kris and I have lots of love for our significant others, I think it’s important to remember that your girlfriends hold a part of your heart as well!

This year we decided to throw a Galentine’s Day brunch party, to show a few of the women in our lives how much we love and appreciate them! Together, with our awesome friend Corri, we DIY decorated and baked up a storm in anticipation of a fun, girly afternoon.


Though not all of our girlfriends could make it – some live (way too) far away – we ended up having such a fun time! It reminded me that when you make a point, and take a day to love your friends it really makes for great memories and warm, fuzzy feelings.


We made a few purse bingo boards as a game, so please go a head and use the free download to get a copy of those! They’d also be excellent for a bridal shower, or similar event!

Download Purse Bingo
Download Galentine’s Poster

  • xo, Becca (& Kris)

Winter One-derland


You can have the best laid plans in the world – but sometimes life gets in the way. Am-I-right?

We had scheduled a first birthday party, the morning of two other events. I also had an event the night before that we were going to be a little late for, because work schedules. That’s okay! I thought. My mom was going to come down early, and we would decorate and clean the entire house the day before, and prep the food. That way, the morning of my mom could finish off the food, Andrew would go to the store to pick up fresh doughnuts and hot chocolate, and I could take some cute photos for the blog…

Ha. Hahahaha. Hahahahahahahahahahaha.


I’m not going to explain the series of several events, but between multiple people bailing on me, and getting seriously sick the morning of (almost go to the hospital sick) … we moved it to the next day.

My sister and sister-in-law coming from Downtown and Missisauaga respectively had already left by the time we rescheduled, and since they were family we did low-key visits with them during the day. A good amount of people still showed the next day, which was nice. Although I don’t have ANY pictures (except a few cell-phone pics of the cake smash) my baby had fun, and we got to see some friends and enjoy ourselves. That’s all that really matters right?


I thought I should probably share these printables that I made, although I didn’t get any cute photos of them in use 😦


BIG SIGNS: These signs I had printed at Staples using the engineering prints.

  • Welcome To The Winter Wonderland: We used the welcome sign that said “please come in” so that we didn’t have to run back and forth to the door, especially with the cold weather! We have a “knock and enter” household as it is, but I did include a sign without it, if you’d prefer!
  • Baby It’s Cold Out There: The lettering is smaller in the middle because we weren’t sure how much space we wanted it to take up. We added paper snowflakes, foam snowflakes, and glittery foam snowmen around it and had this as a wall decoration.



  • It’s Chili In Here: I like puns. This was placed on the cupboard above the chili, because … winter, chili … Yup. This was a bigger sign.
  • Food Tags:
    • Hot Chocolate Bar: What great winter party isn’t equipped with a hot chocolate bar?! People probably know what candy canes and marshmallows are, but the extracts and powders aren’t always clear. Plus, this makes everything look cohesive. We got two carafs of hot chocolate from Tim Horton’s, as we were crunched for time. I would still do this in future, but maybe use gift wrap on the caraf to make it look a bit nicer.
    • There’s a few fun winter food ideas in here too. “Cold Cuts” and “Melted Snowman (ranch dressing, carrots, pretzel sticks). For “snowballs” we used powdered TimBits and got them fresh that morning, but there are a LOT of small white desserts you could use. cookies, big marshmallows, rice krispie balls, white truffles, etc. For beverages we had “Melted Iceberg”(water) and Hawaiian Blue Punch as our “Polar Punch” because of it’s great colour.
    • I’ve also left blanks for to be added for whatever you need! / I forgot 🙂



  • Make A Snowman!: This can be used a myriad of ways. Either taped to the fridge (or metal door) and then add magnets to the accessories, OR use the snowman as a template with white felt, and add felt to the backs of the accessories. Then they will “stick” and this can be done on the floor as well as the wall. Printed as an engineering print on 24×36.  I’ve left blank space if you’d like to draw your own items to add, and a banner at the bottom you can cut out and use as well.  For a smaller, table game, print out on 8×10 sheets and let children colour &/ cut and paste.
  • Time Capsule : I’ve included “He/She/They options depending on the needs of your birthday child[ren]. I suggest filling in the sign with a fun example, but it can be framed or placed on the wall. I had my slips printed on blue 8×10 paper and then asked to use the paper cutter to cut them out. I then put them in a snowflake tin. P.S. I, also, will not be reading these until my child turns 18!



EXTRAS: Thank You! We had hot chocolate powder and marshmallows in little baggies, with a snowflake design on them, for guest to take as they left, and we had a sign taped above them. However you could just as easily frame it!




Baby It’s Cold Out There

It’s Chili In Here

Food Tags

Make A Snowman

Thank You Snow Much

Time Capsule [He] | Time Capsule [She] | Time Capsule They

Time Capsule Slips

Welcome To The Winter One-derland | Welcome – Please Come In

I also made tassel banners, a banner with monthly photos printed out and strung up, and TONS of paper snowflakes (which are REALLY hard to do without an exact o-knife!)

Hope your next event goes as planned!

Lots of winter wishes! & Happy January!

  • xo, Kris

Holiday Outfits – Christmas ’16


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wait – no – it doesn’t work if you can’t hear my voice. Frosty the snowman reference anyone?

Here’s a quick peak at what we’ll be wearing this Christmas!



Becca: My outfit description is going to be pretty lame because non of it is new, which means I can’t post any links to the specific pieces! I’m sorry! Just for the sake of it, I’ll link the store website.

Dress – American Eagle (bought about five years ago), Gold Sparkly Heels – Aldo  (bought about four years ago, and are my favorite shoes i own!), Blazer – Suzie Sheir  (bought about four years ago)


Kris: Red Dress – Bluenotes a different colour or similar dress, Nude Pumps Just Fab (no longer available), Red Leather Belt – Vintage



  • xo, Becca & Kris

P.S. If you’ve noticed the bottom half of my tree doesn’t have ornaments … just remember that I have a one year old. We also don’t place our star/angel on top until Christmas Eve. ❤

Couples Holiday Traditions

Ryan and I have spent four Christmases together so far, and as the years have gone on we’ve started to develop our own holiday traditions, separate from our childhood and family ones. I think it’s important to a relationship to have something special that you two do together to celebrate the season. We’re a young couple, so we don’t have an overwhelming amount of Christmas traditions yet, but the ones we’ve developed are very meaningful to me.

I want to share a few of our traditions with you guys and hopefully I can give you some inspiration!


Party time!

One of the most exciting traditions we’ve begun is to host a Christmas party with all of our friends. We’ve done it three years in a row and by now it’s something I’ll always make time for and really look forward to. Each year has differed a bit. The first year we did a traditional, sit down, pot luck style dinner, the second year we did a less formal horderves dinner in which Ryan and I cooked all of the food, and this year we’re hosting a more casual everyone bring any random dish of your choice type of deal. Though the food plans have always differed, one things is for sure, there will always be a big party with drinks, music and games after dinner!


Tree Ornaments

Our next tradition is one that I think a lot of people have. Each year we buy each other one Christmas tree ornament. It’ll be really special to look back in ten years when we see our tree and have 20 ornaments total from each other reflecting our relationship.



This one seems a bit silly and trivial, but we always put a day or two aside to embrace holiday consumerism and go shopping together. Both for Christmas decorations and for gifts for friends and family. We make a day of it by going to Starbucks and getting warm holiday drinks, taking our time strolling around the isles of glitter and Christmas cheer and playing Kelly Clarkson’s Christmas album in the car between stores. It’s such a fun day and it’s grown into a really fond holiday memory for us! Though it seems like a meaningless activity, it’s become a way for us to stop and take time to spend the day together during this busy and hectic season.


Advent Calendar

Every year we’ve gotten a chocolate advent calendar. This’s one traditions that is spilled over from childhood, but this year we decided to make it a bit more personal and cutesy-romantic. Ryan came up with the idea of getting one of those reusable advent calendars that you keep each year and fill with your own chocolate. We’re going to put a special treat in each compartment for each other and take turns opening the advent calendar doors. I thought it was such a sweet and fun idea (and slightly out of the usual for him to come up with something so cute and romantic…haha!)


So there are our main couples Christmas traditions! Laying it all out in detail has made me feel so festive and excited for the next few days! Hopefully reading about them has done the same for you.

  • xo, becca.


‘Tis the Season to be Home Sick

We’re super excited to be publishing our first ever guest post! What better time of year then the holidays to invite a friend to come on over and write a fun, personal post for our blog?!

I’ve been friends with the author, Danielle since grade seven and when we both ended up moving to the same city after high school it made us even closer! She recently moved four hours away from home, so we thought it would be interesting to hear a bit about her holiday season this year, how she juggles work/school/life and how she deals with being so far from home.

Danielle has an amazing Youtube channel where she regularly posts kick ass videos! And if you want even more of her in your life, you can check her out on Instagram: DanielleFortier and Twitter: DanielleFortifer88.


  • B


The holidays are always an extremely busy time of year, with Christmas shopping, picking up extra shifts at work for some extra cash to spend on loved ones and trying to keep up with friends and family at numerous get togethers when everyone is home. For me, all of this is true but I went back to school this year so I also have to pile on exams and assignments, I started a YouTube channel so I have to make sure that my content is filmed, edited, and posted on time for my loyal subscribers, oh, and did I mention I moved four hours away from home?

Keeping a work/family/social life balance is hard enough as it is. I find it particularly hard this year as it’s the furthest I’ve ever lived from home and I work part time while I’m also in school full time. My days consist of either work and homework or school and homework, I barely have a social life because I’m so busy.  

The holidays/Christmas are my favourite time of year because I get to see my family, my boyfriend’s family, my friends and everyone in between. I always do my best to make time for everyone and go to get togethers and parties, keep up with our holiday traditions, and catch up with everyone I haven’t seen in a while. This year is already so different for me. I haven’t seen most of my friends since April, I haven’t been home or seen my family since August and I don’t even know if I’ll be able to make it home for Christmas this year.

I’m lucky enough that I got a weekend approved off from work that I could make it down for my dad’s 50th surprise party at the end of November and it was such an amazing time, my family was all together for the first time in months, everyone was happy and we danced, drank, and sang. It truly was perfect. The build up to go home is always hyped up and it’s a great time when you get there, especially if you’re like me and go home about every three months.

Family is a huge deal to me, before I moved here I only lived about 45 minutes away from my parents’ house, my dad worked around the corner from where I worked and I was only 20 minutes from my brother’s house and I worked with my sister in law. I saw everyone all the time whether it was visiting someone’s house, going out to lunch or dinner for special occasions like birthdays or even just to get together to have some drinks and talk about how everything is going. Back then I could make it to almost all our family gatherings, depending on if I could get it off work or not, and it was awesome. These days I’m lucky to get the opportunity to go home, and since I only work weekends and Christmas falls on a weekend this year it looks like its going to be a tight day trip or an overnight drive if we are closed.

Being so far away from home is so heartbreaking but so amazing at the same time, it’s a new experience I never thought I would have had before. I’m the happiest that I’ve been in a long time and even better I have some of my best friends living in the big city with me. We all made a pact that If we couldn’t make it home or to our families on Christmas that we would have a get together of our own so nobody would feel lonely on a day where you’re supposed to be with your loved ones.

Family time, if its over the holidays, or even any other time of the year is something that I’ve always loved and learned to cherish, especially now since I am so far from the first place I called home. If I do get to spend Christmas with my family this year it will be one that I will be very thankful for but if I don’t, I know that they’ll always be anxiously awaiting me for the next time I visit or I’ll be excitedly squealing the whole 4 hours before they get to my apartment so we can sit down and simply enjoy each others company.

15 Must Watch Christmas Movies


One Christmas when my older sister was young, she decided to chart and record every single holiday special she could onto VHS tapes. I can’t tell you definitively what year that was, only that it was the 90’s and featured a lot of 70’s & earlier Christmas movies. Those are the tapes I grew up watching with my siblings.

I actually still have some of the tapes, and the honest-to-goodness best part? Watching the commercials. I know. 

Now, as I’ve got older my sister and I have added movies like The Holiday and Love Actually to our “must watch movies” but on Boxing Day as we slowly wind down our Christmas spirit.

Becca and I have comprised a list of some of our favourite holiday movies (although there are some we disagree on, see #11a/b) – hopefully we encourage you to branch out! Who knows, maybe I’ll watch some Arthur …

  • K


15 Must Watch Christmas Movies

  1. A Christmas Story
  2. White Christmas
  3. Elf
  4. The Santa Claus
  5. Arthur’s Perfect Christmas (Yes, Arthur the cartoon aardvark. Don’t hate, this is truly one of the best Christmas specials and I’m always so excited to watch it! -B)
  6. It’s a Wonderful Life
  7. The Holiday
  8. Love Actually
  9. Disney’s Sing-Along Songs: Very Merry Christmas (what, you mean you don’t still have the VHS? -K)
  10. a) Home Alone (the 1st one only! -B)
    b) Home Alone 2 (All others are blehh -K)
  11. Frosty The Snowman, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer & Santa Claus is Coming to Town (must be watched together!)
  12. Miracle on 34th Street (1994) OR (1947)
  13. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas BOTH VERSIONS
  14. “The Stingiest Man in Town” (1978) (My fav. version of Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol”-K)
  15. A Charlie Brown Christmas
  • xo, Becca & Kris