Rainy Day Movies

Rainy Day Movies

love the rain. I would honestly move to England or Seattle just for their weather! And there’s nothing quite like raindrops beating against the windows and thunder in the distance to set the scene for a comfy, cozy movie night in!

With the buckets of rain that have been coming down lately, I thought it would be perfect timing for a rainy day movie marathon!

Take note of my faves and add your own in the comments!




The Breakfast Club: Rain is cozy… nostalgia is cozy… put them together and you have the perfect movie to cuddle up to.




Any movie from the Harry Potter series: I’m sure you can agree that every movie in this series would be made better with rain and thunder in the background.




Jumanji: I think a lot of us can say we spent some great inclement weather days either watching Jumanji during indoor recess at school, or cuddled up with mom on the couch. Sometimes a great movie brings just as much adventure to the screen as you would have if you were playing outside.




The Day After Tomorrow: Disaster movies are one of my favourite niche genres! Is it a bit morbid that a day of heavy rain totally makes me want to watch this crazy weather movie?




How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days: To me, a perfect afternoon is storm clouds, cuddling up, getting snacks and watching a classic RomCom!


et et et


E.T.: Something about those dark forest scenes is perfect on a bad weather day…




Inside Out: If this movie doesn’t make you feel warm on a cold, dark day, then I don’t know what will!




National Treasure: Stop laughing at this movie choice – it’s a Nicolas Cage classic, and a thunderstorm can only make the adventure better!


Watch them all this weekend and enjoy!

xo, becca.


Fall Clothing Haul 2016

I describe my style as a mix of an old lady, a Kardashian and Betty Draper and I feel like there are elements of all of that in today’s haul! Fall shopping is one of my favorite things ever and I have a few items that I am so excited about, so let’s dive into it!



Thrifted – $15 (my Betty Draper style find)

This jacket is so fabulous! I bought it during autumn, but i feel like it screams winter, specifically Christmas. Throw it over a black dress with black nylons and a bright red lipstick and you’re good to go for Christmas eve!



Thrifted – $14 (my Kardashian style find)

This is such a versatile piece. I can wear it with a pencil skirt and a long sleeve t-shirt or throw it on over black leggings. It makes you look quite dressed up for those days when you don’t feel like putting in any effort.



Thirfted – $12

This is so Clueless, Cher Horowitz would be proud! It’s actually a vintage piece (I had to cut the giant shoulder pads out! Very 80’s.) This is another over coat that is so easy and wearable. The pattern is so bold that no accessories are needed.

P.s., I seriously considered doing a Clueless look for Halloween when i found this jacket.



Thrifted – $6 (my granny style find)

This sweater vest is slightly over sized and almost hangs off of me – in a good way. Pairing it with grey leggings or light wash jeans, a scarf and a pair of boots is so comfortable and perfect for autumn!



Forever 21 – $17.90 each.

The maroon coloured dress in the back is actually what i wore for my Thanksgiving OOTD. I bought the same dress in this olive green/grey colour because it’s such a great price and a classic style.



Winners – On sale for $16, originally $38.

I recently picked up this lacy cardigan at Winners. It had been marked down twice, so the price was so reduced. I couldn’t believe I found such a pretty sweater for such a great price, It was such a lucky find! This is another item that speaks for it’s self and does not need too many accessories. The print and the lace would look great paired with a plain white t shirt!

P.S., I know the cardigan looks so messy in the picture. It was so hard to lay it out and pose because it’s so flowy and baggy. My apologies, I did my best!



Sears – $8, originally $40.

I grabbed this scarf from Sears during a great sale. (For anyone reading this who is local – the Sears in Cobourg is a warehouse store, so everything is marked down. They often have sales to mark items down even further. It’s so worth checking out!) It’s super fluffy and would work as a scarf or a shall for both fashion and warmth.



Pink socks – Forever 21 – $1.90 each, Grey Socks – Clair’s – $5

Just for fun I wanted to include the adorable socks i picked up! The kitten and bunny socks were just too cute to pass up. The grey ones are going to be great to wear with dresses or tall boots. I styled a matching cream pair of knee highs in my Thanksgiving OOTD post!


I snapped a few fun pictures below featuring some of the pieces that i hauled!





Let me know in the comments what our favorite piece was!

  • xo, becca.