My Top Five Albums


Today i wanted to talk about my top five favorite albums. Lorde’s first album Pure Heroine  made my cut so in honor of her new and upcoming music, i thought there was no better time to post this!

The thing about music, is that the first few notes of a song can transport you to another day or change your mood and emotions entirely. All of the albums on this list do that for me and this was a really fun and intimate article to write. I was really brought back in time and reminded of so many good, bad, sad and emotional memories, As i wrote about each album i listen to it’s songs and it was a slightly emotional post for me!

(*disclaimer – it was already hard enough for me to narrow down my top albums, you can’t expect me to put them in order as well! So this list is in no particular order.)



Lorde- Pure Heroine

This album came out in 2013, but i really got into it during my first year out of college, 2014. I love it because only a handful of the songs on it are romantic. A lot of them are about life – some are as simple as spending time with friends (No Better), or as deep as commenting on society and the way we live. (Tennis Court)

Favorite SongWhite Teeth Teens

Honorable Mention: No Better (this is actually my favorite song on the album, but it’s from the extended edition, so i feel like i can’t make it my official fave.)

Best Memory of this Album: I really got into this album when i first moved in with my now fiance, so it has lots of memories of love and romantic happiness attached to it! Those are my favorites, but what’s funny is that I also remember walking home from the gym once, listening to this album, when Ryan texted me saying that our room mates were having a big blow out fight. And that’s just how music and memory work! It’s not like that fight has any impact on my life after that day, i wasn’t even involved in it, i just happened to be listening to that album as i arrived home to a screaming match and for some reason it stuck with me. lol!



Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway

This album was actually one of the first albums i ever bought myself. I was only about 8 years old when it came out in 2003 but i think i actually bought the album when i was about 11. I actually still have my original copy and it’s one of the most played CD’s in my car!

This album is so much more then a frilly pop CD, so please really give it a true listen before rolling your eyes at it. If you actually give the lyrics a chance you’ll see that it’s full of emotion and thought. Sure, there are the iconic pop anthems (like all of Kelly’s CD’s) like Since U Been Gone, but there are emotional songs (like all of Kelly’s CD’s) like Because of You (which is about her father).

Favorite Song: Addicted

Honorable Mention: Gone

Best Memory of this Album: It’s funny that my greatest memories of this album are from current day. It came out over a decade ago, but i love to blast this album in the summer with the windows down and the sunroof open! Summer 2016 definitely comes to mind.



Sarah Harmer – You Were Here

This album is a indie folk style album by a Canadian artist. It came out in 2000, but i really got into it in 2013.

Any of my family members who may be reading this are probably laughing. This was an album that was constantly playing at family parties and gatherings growing up, especially on my dads side. It was pretty much the sound track to my childhood and it reminds me of running around with my cousins, and playing in the yard.

It wasn’t until my second year of college that i really began to listen to it as an adult, and take in the music for myself. Now, this is also a big break up album for me. It reminds me of walking through Toronto, music blasting in my head phones, feeling sorry for myself because i had just broken up with a summer fling and i was back in school having to complete a program that i had lost interest in.

Favorite Song: Capsized and  Lodestar.

Honorable Mention: Uniform Grey, Basement Apartment, Don’t Get Your Back Up. (All nostalgic, i can’t just pick one!)

Best Memory of This Album: Childhood and family.

*side note – if you only listen to one album from this list, let it be this one. It’s so unique and beautiful and under appreciated!




Drake – Thank Me Later

This album came out in 2010 and shocker – this time i actually bought and listened to the album the year it came out! I remember hearing one of Drake’s first main stream singles Best I Ever Had and thinking to myself “Damn. I need to get this guys album.” Thank Me Later is actually what i credit for jump starting my rap/hip hop phase, which enjoyed through high school and into my first year of college. lol!

Best Song: Karaoke

Honorable Mention: Show Me a Good Time

Best Memory of This Album: Hanging out in my bedroom with my friends in high school.




Red – Taylor Swift

This was the album of grade 12 (2012, the year it came out) and the following two years of college. This was another huge break up album for me, as it got me through my ‘big, end of high school’ break up and it’s still an album i put on to this day when i’m feeling emotional about almost anything.

It’s full of iconic ballads, fun, poppy dance tracks and quiet, emotional love songs. Pretty much the formula to a great album right there.

Best Song: All Too Well (IMO this is Taylor Swift’s best song ever.)

Honorable Mention: Begin Again, State of Grace, (and State of Grace acoustic, which isn’t officially on the album.)

Best Memory of This Album: The song State of Grace reminds me, down to every lyric, of me and Ryan’s relationship, so that song always brings good vibes. In general I’m reminded of high school friends and scream singing the songs in my car. (This album is so belt-out-able. Is that a thing? It’s just so easy to get into the emotion of each track and sing as loud as you can to every lyric!)

*side note – i think it’s pretty well known that Taylor Swift doesn’t let her music live on Youtube, so the Youtube links to her songs aren’t quality…


Honorable Mention Albums:

Taylor Swift’s 1989 was close to making the cut, but i really couldn’t have two Taylor Swift albums on the list… I’m not a super fan, even i know that’s a bit much.

I also adore the to the movie version of the musical The Last Five Years, but since it’s a soundtrack i thought i would save it. I want to do a favorite Musicals post soon, so i’ll talk about it then!

  • xo, becca.



*disclaimer – i do not own the rights or images to any of the photos used in this blog post.