Rainy Daze (with kids)

What do you do on a rainy day?

For me, it used to mean making an entire pot of tea to myself, walking over to my stack of books, grabbing my favourite throw (and maybe a few cookies) before settling down to read the day away.


Oh, I’m so sorry. Doesn’t that sound idyllic and wonderful though?

Now, rainy days mean being trapped inside (my inner voice saying “you have no excuse not to do that chore you’ve been putting off!“) with a rambunctious little kid.

So what do I actually do on a rainy day?



Rainy Day Activities


BECKRAAdotcom_rainydaze_icepaintingcotton-ball-painting-1Erupting Art for Kids (8)

Messy Crafts 
It seems counter intuitive to do messy crafts when you can’t make the mess outside (for easier cleanup) but hear me out. If you have a few old sheets or plastic table clothes, the cleanup from your kitchen table shouldn’t be any worse, and afterwards? A nice warm bath! You can even do this with your teeny tiny kids. N enjoyed splashing paint everywhere when she was only a few months old. ūüėČ Some ideas for babies, little kids, and¬†bigger kids.


Build a Village 
This was technically a favourite activity of mine and my brother’s on rainy or sick days. It works for any sort of age group, and with any toys (and non toys!) you have. Use your megablocks/legos/to build basic structures or place a shoe-box on it’s side. Use your tiny kids meal toys, stuffed animals, action figures, or even salt and pepper shakers (ours were shaped like cats!). Half the fun is building up the village, the other half is destroying it! (Okay, and it might be fun to actually play with it too)


I really don’t think this needs to be explained at all¬†but here are a few ideas if you’re looking for inspiration! Here are some¬†easy forts,¬†and sofa fort blueprints,¬†and you can always set up a tent inside. Try using an umbrella, and don’t forget all your stuffed animals, action figures, and of course, some twinkle lights!

Movie Marathon 
Pssssst. I have a confession. Sometimes we have rainy movie days. We sit around on our butts for hours, lazing about the couch (sometimes in our forts) cuddled up with blankets and popcorn. I have chronic pain that flares when it’s damp, so occasionally I don’t have the choice in letting myself and my daughter relax on a rainy day. Regardless of your health, there’s no reason to beat yourself up for not doing a ton of crazy activities. Sometimes unwinding is enough. Your kids will be happy to have a happy, chill mama. I promise. Becca wrote a list of rainy day movies, which includes some of my favourites to watch with little ones as well. E.T. anyone?

Video Games
On that similar note, rainy days are the perfect excuse for video games and TV. Especially if you get right in and join your kids! One¬†of my favourite memories is¬†of my mom joining my brother and I to play Need For Speed¬†during a thunderstorm when we thought the power was going to go out any second. Thrilling, exciting, and so fun to have her with us. I can’t wait to be able to teach N how to properly play Sims, or games on the Wii. She already loves taking the xbox remote (and can get to Netflix all by herself, which I’m not sure is a good thing?) so I’m happy to pass our passion right along.


Fun Food 
When the weather is wet and cold, I love a good chili or soup to warm me up. Let your little one help in the kitchen! Even if it’s just playing with some of the chopped up veggies or beans ūüôā When they’re old enough, placing things in the pot, and having it be their job to “stir occasionally” is always rewarding.¬†Other fun rainy day foods that your kid will love helping with? Nachos, DIY personal pizzas (even just on naan is always a hit!), fresh baked cookies (I like these healthy ones that my 18 mo helps “stir”!) and air popped popcorn (with way too much butter and a “toppings bar” from my spice cupboard).¬†Never underestimate involving your kid in your “chores”. Being with you¬†and being a part of what you’re doing is often magical to them, and rewarding for us.


Puddle Jumping
If it isn’t pouring or thundering out there, GO GET WET!¬†What else are rain boots good for? I found waterproof pants at Walmart for a steal, and with boots, and a raincoat N is good to splash and race leaves down the driveway till her hearts content (or until I’m too soggy to take it!) There’s a reason I placed this on my Spring To-Do List,¬†it’s a favourite family activity! Plus, similar to making a big mess in the kitchen, afterwards there’s nothing like a warm bath. Maybe followed by a movie, watched with some popcorn in your fort?

I hope these inspired you to enjoy your next rainy day.¬†Here’s to making the most of it!

  • xo, Kris

Gals Gift Guide

Gift Guide.png

Next up in our series of Gift Guides is for Gal’s! Sister, work bestie, actual BFF, & etc. But hey – if you know a guy who’d rock that scarf harder than I would … wrap it up!

WANT: A Beauty Advent Calendar¬†I gave a beauty advent calendar as a gift once and it was such a hit! I think it’s a lot of fun to give someone a present that they can “reopen” everyday for the entire month! Definitely worth the money if you have a bigger budget. A great example is this Nyx one! -B

NEED: Clinique Moisture Surge Alright. I know that trying to buy people creams is annoying. After they’re 15 they have their own very specific preferences that you must buy exactly, or not at all. Scented gift lotion baskets just get shoved under the sink… BUT this lotion … it is a need. Hear me out. It works on every skin type (and I have crazy sensitive skin), and this time of year even the oiliest skin is getting whipped by winters harsh winds and blasted by over zealous heaters. Oh yeah and it can go under or OVER your makeup! Meaning you can put it on throughout the day if you need to. It comes in multiple sizes at multiple price points. It doesn’t smell like an old lady … Everyone needs a moisturizer. I’m just letting you know the one that is actually going to get used. ūüôā -K

WEAR: Warm Accessories¬†I know that buying a scarf and hat are no giant revelation, with good reason.¬†You don’t have to worry about size, you don’t have to worry about price, and you can always find something that suits the person! One of my best scarf finds to date was for a good friend that likes The Nightmare Before Christmas … I found her a pretty, floral, infinity scarf … that has tiny Jack Skellington faces on it. Subtle, and she loves it. My brother buys my sister and I a scarf each year and without fail it’s one of the items that I get the most use out of. A warm hat, or texting gloves to go with that, and it’s a perfect combo! Some of my favourites are here, and here, but I love Winners for high quality, unique accessories.¬†-K

READ: A Female Comedians Book Anyone who knows me knows that I love any book written by a female comedian. To be honest, this niche genre is probably my favorite type of book to read! (and I can’t wait to write a post all about them in the future!) I have books by Mindy Kaling, Chelsea Handler, Tina Fey, Amy Schumer and Amy Pohler. I think it’s a great way to learn more about strong, talented women and a great source of entertainment! A great example is Anna Kendrick’s new book entitled¬†Scrappy Little Nobody which just debut this week, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! (*Hint hint* to anyone still looking for Christmas present ideas for me…) -B

BONUS Stocking Stuffer: A fun tumbler or travel mug!

  • xo, Becca & Kris

Looking for more gift guides? Beckraa’s parent gift guide is here

Disclaimer: We are in no way compensated for these product recommendations. Any and all opinions and comments are entirely the authors’ own.¬†

Parent Gift Guide

Gift Guide.png

We’re thrilled to be kicking off the holiday season with our three part Holiday Gift Guide series!

Beginning with some very important people in your life… your parents or in-laws (or any parental figure.) Everyone has a very different relationship with these people, and ¬†even though you know they would appreciate what ever you got them, you still want to get them something really great.¬†So we wanted to give a few ideas to help¬†find that perfect item!

We’re going to follow the phrase “want, need, wear, read” for all of our guides. Meaning we will share an example of one item that person would want, one item they need (and may not buy for themselves), one item they can wear and one item they can read. -B

WANT: A Throw Blanket
This is a gift that I’ve actually given members of my boyfriends family. An adult cousin, an aunt and an uncle “in-law” all received throw blankets last Christmas and I think it went over quite well! It’s fun to get to choose a colour or a pattern that’s personal to that person and a throw blanket is both decorative and practical. I didn’t provide any specific examples because I wanted to recommend Winners, Home Sense and Marshall’s in general for throw blankets. They always have great deals! There’s also the always classic Chapters/Indigo blanket which both Kris and I own and love. -B

NEED: High End Hygiene (Hair Brush & Electric Razor)
I find that baby boomers¬†are fairly good at getting themselves what they need, but tend to be bad at updating those items. Because they already posses the item, they don’t realize they really do NEED a new one! Hair brushes get worn down over time, and if not cleaned regularly (and really, who does?) can have massive oil deposits and broken bristle that damage your hair. And a dull razor? Let’s not go there! A few years ago my aunt gifted me an older version of¬†this brush. It was a gift I didn’t even know I needed but now can’t live without! This razor brand has been pretttty good to the men in my family who, uh, are on the lumberjack side. If you’re looking to add to this, it’s easy to add a nice dry shampoo or hair-coloured elastics or aftershave as well!¬†-K

WEAR: Sleep Wear
I feel like a cozy, fluffy robe and a pair of slippers is the best gift ever. This idea is kind of fool proof considering that robes and slippers come in so many different fabrics and styles, they’re suitable for people of all ages and genders and come in such a wide range of prices to suit every budget! And to be honest, I think they’re so much fun to shop for! Here, here¬†and here are some great options! -B

READ: Subscriptions
Everybody likes something … Your mother-in-law loves knitting? There’s a magazine for that. Your dad disappears to the cottage the second summer is in sight? There’s a magazine for that too. If somehow they don’t have ANY hobbies? Reader’s Digest. A classic for a reason, and a little something for everyone. This gift shows up throughout the year, and is always a great last minute gift too as you can print out the certificate and bring it to them with the most recent copy. -K

BONUS Stocking Stuffer: An interesting candy flavour. Think cayenne infused chocolate!

  • xo, Becca & Kris


Disclaimer: We are in no way compensated for these product recommendations. Any and all opinions and comments are entirely the authors’ own.¬†