Seeing Legally Blonde & My Favourite Musicals


Legally Blonde

Last weekend Kris and I got to check out the local theater scene by seeing a version of Legally Blonde: The Musical! (And of course we dressed to theme!)legally blonde picture

I’ve been dying to see this show for years and though I never got the chance to see it while it was playing in bigger city theaters, local theater came to my rescue and put on the show in my city!

Some of you may remember that cheesy MTV show a few years back called Legally Blonde: The Musical – The Search for the Next Elle Woods. It was a competition show where they looked for the girl who would play Elle Woods on Broadway next. This show aired in 2008 and that’s how long I’ve been waiting to see Legally Blonde: The Musical. So honestly, thank you local theater for making this little dream of mine come true! lol

They did a really great job and the music was everything that i’d hopped it would be!

In honor of Legally Blonde and local theater I wanted to do a list of my favorite musicals. I’ve always been a musical lover, so this post has been a lot of fun for me to put together!


The Last Five Years


The is my number-one-all-time-perfection musical. It’s about the story of two 20 somethings. The whole show goes through the beginning of their relationship and how they fell in love, to the end of their relationship and how it became a mess. The story is moving, the music is flawless, and the movie version’s actors are so perfect! It’ll make you feel happy, sad, angry, and excited. I have the soundtrack playing in my car on repeat!

Favourite Song: See I’m Smiling

Honorable Mention: Still Hurting, I Can Do Better Than That


La La Land


I’m sure no one really needs an introduction to La La Land, but just in case: It’s about two people who are struggling with making their dreams a reality, and the journey they have together.

There was so much hype over this movie and the first time I saw the trailer, months before the movie came out, it gave me chills. I ended up seeing it twice in theaters because i literally needed to see it again! lol It made me want to be more creative, find my passions, live more in the moment. It actually kicked my butt into gear with both writing more for the blog and finally starting the online design program that I’d been putting off for months.

Favourite Song: Audition (Fools Who Dream)

Honorable Mention: Mia and Sebastions Theme, Someone in the Crowd




An absolute classic, Annie is the story of a young orphan in New York City. Because of the many movie remakes and stage revivals, it’s become so nostalgic for so many generations. I grew up with the 1999 movie version, so that’ll always be my favorite. I remember watching this version on VHS over and over again as a child. The story is heart warming and the music is so catchy!

Favourite Song: NYC

Honorable Mention: Maybe, I Think I’m Gonna Like it Here, Easy Street. (I’m so bad at picking just one!)


Into the Woods


Of all of the musicals on this list, this is the one I most want to see live, hopefully one day I’ll get that chance. It’s the tales of Cinderella, Jack and the Bean Stock, Little Red Riding hood and Rapunzel all intertwined into one story.

I only recently watched Into the Woods (it’s on Netflix, go watch it!) and I was blown away. It was so hyped, so I was nervous it wouldn’t live up, but it exceeded my expectations! This may be the best music and lyric writing in a musical that I’ve ever gotten the pleasure of listening to, and it’s a must see!

Favorite Song: Your Fault (This is a perfect example of the fantastic music and lyrics in this show.)

Honorable Mention: Prologue (I Wish), Agony, On the Steps of the Palace. (Seriously, I can’t pick just one!)



Honorable Mention Musicals

  • Les Mis Les Mis is amazing, but it’s one of those movies you really have to be in the mood for. It’s long and very intense. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful and moving and emotional, but it’s… a lot.
  • Wicked – Wicked has become a classic! I got to see it at a huge, beautiful, old theater and it was great! They finally confirmed the movie adaptation in 2019 and I am so excited for it!
  • We Will Rock You – I went to go see We Will Rock You on a school trip, in elementary school. It was responsible for getting my whole 8th grade class into the music of Queen that year. lol Fun fact: This was actually the first musical that I ever saw live!
  • Mamma Mia – I really don’t think i need to explain Mamma Mia at all. And again, it was responsible for getting me into classic, disco ABBA music!


* Disclaimer – all of the links and posters provided are of the movie version, not the stage version. I’ve only been lucky enough to see a handful of these shows live on stage. Though hopefully one day I’ll have seen them all, for now I used the movies as a reference, just to keep things uniform and recognizable.

  • xo, becca.